Underground cellars from polypropylene paneltim

Product description

To preserve all the forest or garden goods gathered in the summer during the wintertime, an underground cellar or storage is necessary. Our ancestors always stored in cellars the items they collected in summers – it demonstrates that the cellar is one of the best ways how to store goods. We offer an innovative solution for underground cellars – cellar from polypropylene sandwich type plates that provide even temperature, water resistance, and also easy usage and storage of your nature and country delicacies.


Storage for different jams, marinades, stewed fruits, wines, vegetables, fruits and many other products.


Cellar can be made on the basis of an individual request. The cellar will be a useful and convenient way for storing food products for any household. It can be easily and quickly installed. Because the cellar is located in the ground, it can be constructed in a way to not take up too much space in the yard. Structure of the cellar is made from hard and durable material that doesn’t allow the water to pass through, doesn’t create condensation, and is also resistant to corrosion.