universal type toilets and showers

Product description

We manufacture universal type enclosures for outdoor / indoor toilets and showers, which can be installed both in private houses and companies. We install locks, doorknobs, lighting, combined or separate sets (for example, only toilet or toilet with shower, and other variations) on request according to the customers’ wishes. We offer and carry out installation works also for the indoor toilets and showers.

Our company also offers biological treatment plants that make less impact on the environment. Treatment plant can be installed in places where toilets and showers are placed on a permanent basis. We offer consultations of professional consultants who will inspect your object and find the best solution for successfully installing any solution.


In different stadiums, festivals, tracks, summerhouses, garden houses, companies, and municipal public places.


Polypropylene panels can be cleaned easily; they are resistant to corrosion and UV rays. Due to the sandwich construction they are hard to deform. Offer is designed and developed according to the customer’s wishes.