fish pools

Product description

Thanks to the durability of polypropylene it is possible to create fish pools of different depth and dimensions. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material that doesn’t contain toxins, therefore you can safely breed and keep fish in them. Greenery, stone gardens and flowerbeds can be created around them. If you wish to professionally install a beautiful fish pool in your property or in the company surroundings, contact us!

We offer wide assortment of fish pools in various colours that will be installed by professional workers. You can contact us with your own project or our designer can create one just for you.


Outdoor and indoor fish pools for fishes of various sizes and types. Both for companies and private houses. Also serves as a beautiful garden decoration.


Pool housing is made from polypropylene, which is a durable and environmentally friendly material, because it doesn’t contain toxins and has a long service life. Housing is heat and corrosion resistant.