Nonstandard products

Various constructions and custom projects according to each customer’s wishes.

Hunting towers

Resistant to corrosion, UV rays, changing weather conditions. A wide variety of comouflage colors helps to hide in nature.

Underground cellars

Very useful and convenient way for storing food products for any household.

Pumping stations for private houses

Useful in objects with high groundwater level to drain the water to the infiltration area.

Toilets and showers

Universal type enclosures for outdoor or indoor toilets and showers.

Varied barriers for sports fields

Different height, length and color barriers for sports, go-kart, paintball fields, etc.

Drip trays

Made from material resistant to aggressive chemical environments.

Outdoor sinks

Sinks are made from polypropylene – a waterproof and hard material.

Outdoor and indoor furniture

Different style, colour, and size furniture made on client’s request.

Plane suitcases

Various sizes suitcases for transporting items in planes. All suitcases are made from very durable and stable material.

Covers and bottom parts

For different equipment, containers, barrels, and wells.

Aeration kits

To saturate standing waterbody water with oxygen.

Parts for air filters

Varied housings from polypropylene – an environmentally friendly material.

Enclosures for heat regeneration

Strong, lightweight enclosures resistant to corrosion, humidity and UV rays.

Enclosures for ventilation systems

Designed and equipped according to your requirements.

Undersink fat traps and separators

Handy and compact fat traps that can easily be placed indoors under the sink.

Nonstandard containers and reservoirs

Rainwater, water, sewage, and various liquid storage containers.

Portable caravans and mobile buildings

Portable caravans for object construction sites and other mobile buildings. Built from durable, waterproof and corrosion resistant material.

Housings for jacuzzis and pools

For private houses, guest houses, recreational centres, and for all of those who enjoy relaxation.

Installable ponds and swimming pools

We manufacture various volume and dimension housings for swimming pools and ponds.

Fish pools

Outdoor and indoor fish pools for fishes of various sizes and types.

Beach changing cubicles

Easily installable and doesn’t damage the overall view of the recreational place.

Non-slip floor covering

For steps, ramps, terraces, kitchens, bars, stores, industrial buildings and other premises.

Hygienic room walls

Long service life, hygienic wall panels of various height, width, and colour, constructed from polypropylene.

Movable walls

From durable, hard material, easy to clean, various sizes and colours.