nonstandard containers and reservoirs

Product description

We offer and manufacture containers and reservoirs of various sizes for storing liquids. Because the containers are made from polypropylene sandwich type panels they are rigid and durable both lengthways and sideways, and can store large amount of liquid. Also we manufacture and construct adjustable underground and surface containers with all the necessary inlet and outlet places.

You can contact us with a finished project or our designer will develop a special project for you on the basis of your requirements. Thanks to the technical support of companies from Netherlands and Belgium, we can guarantee high quality production for European and Latvian market.


Rainwater, water, sewage, and various liquid storage containers for both private properties and companies, in various volumes and dimensions.


Polypropylene is resistant to corrosion, UV rays, and environmental conditions. We manufacture containers of various volumes and dimensions, which can be adjusted to the requirements of the client.