installable ponds and swimming pools

Product description

We offer various volume and dimension housings for pools and ponds, which we manufacture on clients’ demand. Pools can be ordered with melted in steps, footbridge, and installable covering, according to the wishes of the clients. We can also offer full package with basic equipment for suction, filtration, heating and backflow of the top layer of water. Pools can be equipped also with other extras, for example, underwater lighting, massage devices, or different type counter currents.

Everything is completed on client’s demand. Ponds can be installed as decorative elements not only at private houses, but also at companies or in a recreational place. Stone garden, flowerbeds or greenery can be created around them. We offer to inspect your object before the assembly and installation works to find the best solution for installing the pond. Because the housing is made from polypropylene, it doesn’t require any other trim.


For private houses, summer cottages, in campsites and other recreational places. Ponds – for private houses and in the surroundings of the companies.


No additional trim materials are necessary for the pools and ponds (PVC, tiles, etc.), they are installed and maintained easily. Pools and ponds are offered in various colours. Polypropylene is very resistant against UV rays and pool chemicals.