hygienic room walls

Product description

Wall panels of various height, width, and colour, constructed from polypropylene. They are resistant to most chemical substances, alkali and acids. These light and durable panels can be used for a very long time without being damaged even in a very aggressive environment, for example, in salt and food processing industry. These panel type walls can be easily cleaned even with a small amount of water and are hygienic – they can be used in food production industry.

We not only manufacture these panels, but also carry out the installation in the locations of object.


Can be used for various buildings, for example, warehouses, car wash, livestock farms, and other places, where walls, which are hygienic and easy to take care of, are required.


Polypropylene doesn’t contain toxic substances and is a material with long service life. It is waterproof and resistant to corrosion and mould. This material can maintain its high quality also in such aggressive environments as salt and food processing industries.