housings for jacuzzis and pools

Product description

Secure and durable enclosure for outdoors jacuzzi and above ground pool. In different and adjustable dimensions, and also in various colours. Because the housing is made from polypropylene, it has a rigid construction and 100% water proofing. If you place jacuzzi into this construction, you can be sure that environmental conditions won’t be able to damage the jacuzzi, because the material is both heat resistant and hydro resistant.

You can add to this enclosure different type covers (sliding, closable, fabric or blind type). We can offer already completed jacuzzi with polypropylene housing, which will be installed by professional workers. Pool and its housing are easy to maintain, no additional trim materials are necessary, for example, PVC or tiles. Pool can be completed according to the clients’ wishes (with melted in steps, underwater lighting, footbridge etc.). We can implement your finished project or can also develop one most suitable for you. We manufacture and install pools and jacuzzis both for private and legal persons.


For private houses, guest houses, recreational centres, and for all of those who enjoy relaxation.


Light and durable material (polypropylene). Resistant to abrasion and heat, waterproof. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material, because it doesn’t contain toxins and has a long service life.