drip trays

Product description

We manufacture and distribute drip tray constructions on which containers or vessels with chemical substances can be placed. Constructions are made from polypropylene, which is resistant to various aggressive and chemical substances (acids, alkali etc.). It is a safe method to prevent chemicals from spilling onto the floor or ground. In the top part of the drip tray there is a polypropylene sheet, through which the chemicals flow away to the storage, which can be safely utilised later.

We will create drip trays of any height and width according to the client’s request. your requests.


Workplaces with exposure to aggressive chemicals, for example, car wash, factories, and car repair shops.


Material resists aggressive, chemical environments, for example, acids, alkali, and other chemical substances. Drip trays are constructed from sandwich type panels that will prevent the chemicals from flowing off onto the ground or into surrounding environment.