vandens aeracijos komplektas

Product description

The main function of aeration kit is to supply oxygen to a waterbody despite the seasonality, i.e. this kit may be used all year long even in the coldest winter. Whereas in the standing water go natural biological processes, .i.e. rot and silt, which make water to become green, (water begins to bloom, occurs unpleasant smell), and, the most important fact, a significant decrease in oxygen concentration.

Because of low or insufficient oxygen content fishes that live in waterbody suffer. Thanks to aeration kit, oxygen-saturated waterbody water is cleaner and more transparent, less various algae. Another uncontested advantage of such aeration kit – it prevents waterbody water from freezing even in the coldest winter, i.e. there is a sufficient content of oxygen for fishes all year along.


To saturate standing waterbody water with oxygen.


Sufficient oxygen content for waterbody fishes.
Cleaner and more transparent water.
Significantly less algae.
NO unpleasant smell.
Keeps standing water from freezing even in the coldest winter.