LZT Group – this brand now includes 6 companies:

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The closed joint-stock company (CJSC) “LZ technika” was launched in 2008 as a lessor of construction machinery. It has grown now to a group of companies that offers its customers a complex, broad range and high quality construction services of civil engineering networks, wastewater treatment plant assembly and maintenance services, as well as production and assembly services of various standard and non-standard products made from polypropylene.

Currently, we are a purposeful and stable group of companies, which has acquired stable customer and partner trust. The targeted development oriented to the customer’s needs, strict quality requirements of the provided services and qualified staff ensure successful business activity of the group.

Continuous investment in new equipment and modern technologies ensure the quality and efficiency of the services provided. The efficiency of services is increased due to permanent improvement of the technological processes.

The main areas of our business activity:

Plastic products of polypropylene:

As the technologies develop, metal and wood materials are gradually replaced by plastic. Seeing this trend, we offer innovation to our customers – various products of polypropylene.

Polypropylene – Highly durable, quite firm, toxin-free materials that are waterproof, as well as resistant to corrosion, mildew, UV rays and many chemicals. Due to these properties, polypropylene is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, in the food industry, including in aggressive environments, with chemicals. This material is easy to clean and therefore no additional effort is required under its supervision.

  • Designing – You have an idea, but you don’t know who to implement it? We can help you! Listening to your needs, we will prepare a solution for you only.

  • Production – Taking into account the needs of the customer, we make individual projects (standard and non-standard), of different size and shape, and also products of different color made from polypropylene.

  • Trading – We offer products of a variety purpose, standard and non-standard: outdoor/indoor furniture, outdoor toilets, showers and sinks, beach changing cabins, various tanks and reservoirs, wastewater lift pump stations, transportable / mobile buildings, fat receivers, ventilation systems, turret – lodge, etc.

  • Assembly – We not only design, but also provide assembly services for all the products.

Biological wastewater treatment plants:

  • Trading – We offer proprietary technology (Patent No. 5386) “August ir Ko” wastewater treatment plants that provide a high level of wastewater treatment. The equipment meets the requirements of the highest ecological standards, they are not harmful to the environment and a 10-year warranty is granted to them.

  • Assembly – We perform assembly work of all the biological wastewater treatment plants, granting a 10-year warranty. In most cases our consultations, preparation of estimates, and detail harmonization are free of charge. Our specialists will help you select the best solution for wastewater treatment.

  • Maintenance – In order to ensure that the wastewater treatment plant operates accordingly, appropriate maintenance should be provided, which is often neglected by users. We offer comprehensive maintenance of equipment: single service (one-time removal of excess mud) or the equipment maintenance under a contract (continuous maintenance of equipment, repairs and another works).

Construction of civil engineering networks:

  • We build and connect water supply networks to the central city network and distribute water supply to the desired surroundings. We also make the rainwater drainage system installations (for residential, public or office buildings, garages, etc.).

  • Installation of wastewater networks. We prepare all the necessary projects, documents. If needed, we can assemble fat collectors, oil separators, fire-fighting reservoirs.

Mission – We are working to earn the customer’s trust that moves us in the direction of the excellence and striving to offer only the best solutions for even the most complex situations. We are able to realize unique production projects when special orders are placed.

Vision – Successfully develop the Group’s position in the Baltic countries and in the foreign market.

The greatest value of the enterprise – Competent, professional, experienced staff – Specialists.

LZT Group brand unites companies, which in their activities take into account the same principles and values what best of all are expressed by the common slogan “Everything is possible”!

Our companies and dealers

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